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Young woman getting a massage in therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a technique that focuses primarily on the deeper layers of muscles and the fascia. With this technique the therapist uses firmer pressure and oil in order to reach these key areas and allow them to release. 

30 minutes £35   45 minutes £50   60 minutes £65   90 minutes £95   2 hours £120
Sports Massage.jpg

Sports Massage

A Sports Massage aims to improve sports performance, boost flexibility and avoid potential injuries by identifying and manipulating areas of muscle tightness or abnormalities.

30 minutes £35   45 minutes £50   60 minutes £65   90 minutes £95   2 hours £120
Back Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulders

A great way for busy customers to relieve tension in the parts of the body commonly associated with discomfort. One of the causes of this discomfort is Office Syndrome, a common complaint resulting from desk-based work or simply a sedentary lifestyle. Another is muscle tension caused by repetitive actions such as Hairdressing. A regular Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage is a very effective way of countering this, allowing you to feel more relaxed, and often, to start enjoying your work again. The treatment works from the glutes up to the head.

30 minutes £35   45 minutes £50   60 minutes £60 (Deep Tissue £65)
Thai massage leg stretching.jpg

Thai Yoga Massage

Your therapist will guide you through a series of yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (Sen) lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. This treatment involves stretching, wearing light clothing, and no oil. It is best tried after a course of deep tissue treatments to first increase flexibility and loosen the muscles.

60 minutes £70   90 minutes £100   2 hours £125
picture of couple in spa salon getting m

Couples Massage

Enjoy a massage treatment of your choice alongside someone special to you, in our dedicated couples treatment room. Choose candle lighting if desired to make this an even more relaxing and memorable experience. The two treatments can be the same or totally diffenent, though it is easier if both are of the same duration.

Pricing is treatment dependant
Young beautiful pregnant woman having ma

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal Massage focuses on the health and rapid recovery of the mother-to-be as she goes through the changes due to pregnancy. Treatment is focussed on the concerns of each trimester. After the mother has given birth, treatment will assist in restoring the body back to its normal condition. Prenatal massage may also help reduce and/or eliminate excess water retention. Massage therapy enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.

30 minutes £35   45 minutes £50   60 minutes £60   90 minutes £90

Medium Full Body Massage

Medium Massage combines deep, firm pressure with rolling and stretching movements using palms, thumbs and elbows and the application of warmed Dosha oils. An invigorating, rhythmic massage, it follows the style of traditional Thai massage. This massage follows eastern and Ayurvedic traditions adapted perfectly for the western environment. It is very similar to a deep tissue massage, but with less pressure.

30 minutes £35   45 minutes £50   60 minutes £60   90 minutes £90  2 hours £115

Foot Massage (Reflexology)

Reflexes in the feet and hands (here we massage only feet though) correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Through applying pressure and massaging these different points, Reflexology is a great way to reduce stress while helping the body’s own natural healing abilities to flourish. Although very relaxing, some minor discomfort might be felt in areas which are in need of attention. Reflexology is not recommended during pregnancy. We instead recommend the dedicated Pregnancy Massage.

30 minutes £35   45 minutes £50   60 minutes £60
Young woman enjoying massage in spa salo

Relaxing (Swedish) Massage

Relaxation massage is a gentle Swedish massage that uses smooth, gliding strokes to help you relax. The massage therapist will move at a slower pace and use lighter pressure.

30 minutes £35   45 minutes £45   60 minutes £55   90 minutes £85   2 hours £110
Beautiful woman getting hot stones arm m

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage helps you relax by increasing blood flow through areas experiencing muscle tension. Smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on particular parts of the body, enabling heat treatment to be applied to specific areas. The stones are usually made of basalt, a volcanic rock, very efficient at retaining heat.

60 minutes £70   90 minutes £100
Healthy and beautiful woman getting mass

Massage + Cupping for Back, Neck & Shoulders

This treatment combines a regular massage with 15-20 minutes of cupping. Cupping has the benefit of  localised pain relief, release of energy blocks through increasing blood flow to particular areas of the body.

30 minutes £40   45 minutes £55   60 minutes £70
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